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RPS Leaderboards
RPS Season 2 Leaderboard
Rank Player Total
1 Alexander Kravchenko 160.9
2 Karen Grigoryan 159.95
3 Ivan Demidov 144.8
4 Sergey Litovchenko 143.425
5 Bulat Bikmetov 139.8
6 Oleg Prokhorov 132.05
7 Andrey Pateychuk 129
8 Vartan Manucharyan 120.375
9 Vladislav Shuravin 120
10 Ivan Sheptitskiy 117.6
11 Taras Sopotnitskiy 107.55
12 Garry Tevosov 107.15
13 Yuriy Guliy 105.95
14 Levan Karamanishvilli 105.45
15 Sergey Topchiy 103.875
16 Kirill Rodionov 102.5
17 Dmitriy Nemirovskiy 101.775
18 Andrey Nadeljaev 100.25
19 Denis Pisarev 98.75
20 Garry Gelman 97.525