About Russian Poker Series

About the Russian Poker Series

The Russian Poker Series (RPS), sponsored by PokerStars.net, was first launched in May 2010 in Kiev, and immediately promised to become Russia and the Ukraine’s leading poker series.

Season 2 of the RPS is a true indicator of the best players in the region across all levels as it incorporates both RPS Main Events and Ukrainian Poker League Events. The series also gives players the chance to win sponsorship to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) and an exclusive PokerStars-branded Tag Heuer watch.

Season 1 featured events in Kiev, Riga and Egypt with a total of 948 players taking from over 40 countries. The Main Events alone generated over $2,500,000 in prize money. The season’s showpiece tournament was the RPS Kiev Grand Final which attracted nearly 300 players and awarded champion Dmitry Gromov a first prize of over $200,000.


PokerStars is the headline sponsor of the Russian Poker Series as well as the Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT, launched in 2007), the Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT, launched in 2007) and the European Poker Tour (EPT, launched in 2004). It is the world's largest online card room, with over 25 million members and 15 billion poker hands dealt. PokerStars hosts regular qualifying tournaments to live RPS events, allowing players to secure prize packages for free.

For further information, please email rps@pokerstars.net.

RPS Leaderboards
RPS Season 2 Leaderboard
Rank Player Total
1 Alexander Kravchenko 160.9
2 Karen Grigoryan 159.95
3 Ivan Demidov 144.8
4 Sergey Litovchenko 143.425
5 Bulat Bikmetov 139.8
6 Oleg Prokhorov 132.05
7 Andrey Pateychuk 129
8 Vartan Manucharyan 120.375
9 Vladislav Shuravin 120
10 Ivan Sheptitskiy 117.6
11 Taras Sopotnitskiy 107.55
12 Garry Tevosov 107.15
13 Yuriy Guliy 105.95
14 Levan Karamanishvilli 105.45
15 Sergey Topchiy 103.875
16 Kirill Rodionov 102.5
17 Dmitriy Nemirovskiy 101.775
18 Andrey Nadeljaev 100.25
19 Denis Pisarev 98.75
20 Garry Gelman 97.525